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The modular software solution for your club.

Manage club & members effectively

Quicko - The Clubmanager is the first holistic club administration based on an open Content Management System (CMS). Manage your website, media and members easily in one system.

What are the advantages of an open CMS?

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Club work that anyone can do

With Clubmanager, you get the tool to manage the organization and public relations of your club or association in a cost-saving and effective way.
The system is individually adapted to your structures.


Club work

  • Manage members

  • Write invoices

  • News management

  • Coordinate events

  • Faceted search

  • Automated processes


Public Relations

  • Expand website

  • Change contents

  • Manage documents

  • Member area

  • Trade directory / Register of associations

  • Press relations

We make everything fit - For your members and for you

① Modular and versatile

Every club is unique - and so is Quicko - the Clubmanager! All functions are sensibly encapsulated, so that you only have the components in use that you really need.

② Your advantages

  • developed from experience

  • mature processes

  • dynamic and individual

③ Always up-to-date member data

Individuals and companies can manage contact data themselves and determine which information may appear in an online business directory, for example.

④ Organize club meetings

Whether board meeting or general meeting: always invite only those who should be present. And be reminded automatically.

⑤ Extensive search

As an administrator or member, quickly find the right contacts through freely combinable search filters.

⑥ Roles and rights

Award member individuals and companies different statuses, such as gold, silver or bronze sponsor.

⑦ Finally easy billing

Create member payment receipts in an instant, send them automatically, and make them available for download.

⑧ Everything in sight

Reports and overviews show at a glance the status of invitations, messages and incoming payments.

Find out how the club manager helps your club

Put an end to numerous member lists, manually created invitations and different versions of documents.

Digitize your own structures with the club manager:

  • simplify workflows

  • react faster

  • manage effectively

Engage members and put smiles on their (volunteers') faces.

Less load, more club!

Important questions -
quickly answered

What is the advantage of Quicko Club Manager?

In Clubmanager, many different systems, such as the invoice program, lists and website are combined and linked with each other. In this way, processes can be automated and simplified.
This reduces the maintenance and training effort and, incidentally, avoids data breakdowns.

Can I extend the functions at any time?

Yes! You can digitize your association step by step or adapt to the circumstances at any time as your tasks grow. The individual modules interlock immediately.

How do I learn to use the club manager?

Simple indeed: on the one hand, the user interface is intuitively designed, since we as developers have been working in associations for years. On the other hand, we offer digital documentation where you can quickly find concrete instructions on how to use it. And finally, there is us, whom you can ask questions. We help by phone, video and e-mail.

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