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About us - the company

Successful on the market for over 15 years

"Quicko - The Clubmanager" is a project of the companies WirkWerk and codemacher UG.

Founder Sven Roloff from the TYPO3 agency WirkWerk looks after numerous associations as a certified integrator for the web CMS TYPO3.

The graduate computer scientists of codemacher UG have been developing web-based, individual specialized applications for companies, public clients, agencies and startups for many years.

Based on the experience and customer needs, the modular club management solution "Quicko - The Clubmanager" has been developed and is continuously enhanced.

You too can benefit from this experience now!



Reilstr. 128
06120 Halle



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★ Sven Roloff

With his TYPO3 agency WirkWerk, he is driving forward the vision of developing a holistic response to the challenges facing association and club management in Germany.

With an overview, he has assembled a competent team to make this vision a reality.

★ Thomas Rokohl
★ Marcel Deutschel
★ Stephan Weigelt

Virtuoso software developers who translate the special requirements of association / club management into fluidly interlocking processes.

The modern way of working of codemacher UG allows fast iterations of the functions and can respond specifically to individual requests.

★ Selina Petersen

Responsible for the look and feel of the entire project. The play with colors and shapes is tuned to the real needs of the customers who have to work with it every day.

★ Antonio Leutsch

Video productions at their best! To guide through the product or individual functions of Club Manager, focused learning videos are created.

This means that no questions remain unanswered and you can work directly with it.

★ Gordon Böhme

As an expert in online marketing, especially search engine optimization (SEO), he has the web project as a whole in mind.

He makes sure that the content and structures are set up optimally. So that they can quickly find what they want to know.