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You would like to use the Quicko Clubmanager? Then ask us! We determine the need and your processes and implement the installation ready for you.

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  • You don't have to worry about installation or anything like that

  • Just start working

  • Move inventory data easily

Experience important functions

Member management

  • Filterable list views for members
  • Login area & notifications
  • Categorization & prioritization
  • Registration/deregistration forms
  • Process & email automation

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Public Relations

  • Website creation and management
  • Faceted search, e.g. by member categories
  • Perimeter and postal codes with location detection
  • Prioritization by member status
  • Newsletter lists, dispatch and evaluation

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  • Manage bank data and have it updated by members
  • Invoice dispatch via e-mail
  • Members can download payment confirmations themselves
  • Setting of different contributions and invoice cycles
  • Output of standardized bank XML file for direct debits

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Events and calendar

  • Booking system for events
  • Calendar with import & export function
  • Registration and deregistration function for events
  • Notification function
  • Bookings with costs

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